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Women's Surf Camp

Surf en femenino

Women's Surf Camp is an edition of Sneuu trips specifically for women. The experience, service and quality make us different from other conventional camps. All details are female-oriented. It has all the help to turn women into a surfing experience


Located in the centre of Cantabria we find this beautiful bay, which includes the city of Santander itself up to Playa de Somo. From Playa de Somo you can see the island of Somo and the island of Santa Marina. All this makes a unique setting


In Playa de Somo we stayed at La Wave Surf House. A beautiful local surfer style villa with a garden where you will enjoy authentic surf vibes.



We have been giving guests high-quality surf courses for over 6 years. With our partner in Playa de Somo we know you are in good hands, we know them well and invite you to pursue your dream of surfing amazing waves. Our local instructors have the knowledge and passion to help you by giving you a little push, depending on your needs in this beautiful sport.


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First national surfing reserve and second in Europe

Esta playa tiene mucha historia de surf, es tanto que se respira en numerosos locales de la zona. En pleno pueblo puedes visitar el Centro del Surf en el que puedes visitar su museo. Podrás encontrar varios skatepark y un pump track en donde practicar con el surf skate fuera del agua y conocer gente.


Cliffs and hidden beaches

The natural environment is one of the virtues of this place. A walk from Somo to Langre along its cliffs offers unique views. A visit to the rural beach of Langre or a stroll through the corn plantations is great.

Weather and Seasons

The four seasons are very marked.

En el norte se nota el paso de las estaciones y sus diferencias. El invierno es frío con muchos temporales. La primavera es lluviosa, aunque tiene muchos días de sol con viento del este, no te sobrará una chaqueta. El verano es la época más cálida y soleada. Y el otoño es famoso por su viento sur y la calidad de sus olas.



The Wave Surf House

This beautiful surf house has private double and triple suite rooms. There is an apartment with four bedrooms if you are travelling alone or in a group.


Social and relaxed

The Wave Surf House has different common areas. The garden is spacious, has a mat and several seating areas where you can sit and enjoy the mini-bar. It also has an outdoor gym area so you can work out during your stay. Dining Room designer has a glassed area and tables to take all meals with your surfer friends. Meals are focused according to a specific surfing diet. If you want to relax, there is an area next to recepción with a fireplace and sofas. Out of the house, you can walk and access the beach area. The Wave House and the Shop is just ten minutes walking from the surf area lesson.


How to get here

The easiest way to get here is to fly to Santander or Bilbao International Airport, where we will pick you up. The transfer is not included. You can also get here by bus, train or ferry or hire a car for more independence.

Surf lessons in Playa de Somo, Spain, surfing for all levels.

Our local instructors have the knowledge and passion helping you improve and your technique inside the water.


Surf - Level 1

Somo beach is perfect for finding goods waves for beginners. The beach offers good conditions and waves are consistent. It's great if you are a rookie. We will look for the best spots and start from the basics to give you a solid base for surfing.


Surf - Level 2

Intermediate levels we play with the tide. We will be looking for faster or slower waves depending on what we are looking to train. The level 2 surf course is all about taking your surfing to the next level, so we want to get you out of the white water and into the clean wave face. Now is when you start to feel what surfing is all about. Watch out this feeling can change your life!


Surf - Level 3

Learning to surf well means spending time in the water. We want to help you feel confident as an independent surfer in the level 3 course. We usually do breath-holding training in the pool, technique training with the carver, and take you to the best surfing option for the day. It's all about building confidence as a surfer. Last but not least, we have fun. The idea of why we surf, no matter what your level is. The person with the biggest smile wins in our book. If you have your own board and want to keep on surfing after the lessons, we recommend you to rent a car.


Beginner / Intermediate / Independent

Surf Camp

From 699€/week

7 nights accommodation and welcome pack

7 Desayunos

6 breakfasts

6 launches

6 dinners

Surf course 7 days x 3 hours surfing material included

Transfer with airport transfer (not included)

2 Yoga sessions...

1 surf skate session

1 surf training session and Surf theory

Visit to Santander

Dinner/Barbecue Party at La Wave Surf Garden




Car hire and flight tickets are not included. The easiest way to get here is to fly into Santander or Bilbao International Airport, where we will pick you up. Depending on where you live, booking seats only with a charter airline may also be a good option. If you have any questions, you can contact us advising you under our experience.


Visa: You need to know your nationality to apply for visas, Depending on nationality, it is always wise to look at visa regulations.

Insurance: As always when travelling, we advise that you have sufficient cover in the unlikely event of injury, medical emergency or other unforeseen circumstances.

What to Pack

A jumper for travelling, planes and airports are cold / Passport / Beachwear / Sunglasses / Sweater and warm jacket / Beach towels.
Sunscreen: To reduce pollution, we recommend using oxybenzone-free products to help preserve our favourite playground: the ocean.
Plastic bottles: At Sneuu, we take protecting the planet very seriously. Therefore, as part of our sustainability programme, we do not sell any plastic bottles and try to limit the use of plastic. In doing so, please bring a reusable water bottle to contribute to the goal


Explore local beaches
Savour local food
Immersed in nature trails
Visit Santander
Surf skate afternoons
Chill on the Beach
* (these activities are not included in the price)



We have experience in different types of events around the world. Is very important that our guests feel safe travelling with us.

Most of our camps are open safe. Each destination is under control, where we are in contact with the health authorities in each country following their guidelines.


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