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Contact, suggestions and security

Contact, suggestions and security

Our passion for surfing and snow makes us respect the planet and all cultures. The sport instils in us values of solidarity and respect that are deeply rooted in everything we do.
We create unforgettable experiences in natural environments, living together with the culture, companions and the sport. We facilitate the processes in the trips and teach our passion in a fun and dynamic way.
We have been travelling and teaching all over the world for more than 15 years about the sports we love, such as surfing and snow sports. This has been the natural consequence of this project "called Sneuu". Travelling in a different way, practising your sport, enjoying the local people and living with their culture in the chosen destination. Don't think twice about it, you're in a good mood right now, fill in the form, ask for information without obligation and join our great family #sneuuer".

Covid 19

We work with suppliers who guarantee all Covid_19 measures.
At Baqueira Beret stationn:
the capacity of the cable car is reduced to 6 people and the use of a mask is compulsory in the queues, lifts and indoor spaces. The cafeterias are prepared with QR codes to place orders without having to move from your table.
Ski and snowboard lessons:
CIn order to ensure the personal safety of instructors and students, at the school, we apply different measures in line with current regulations and the recommendations of the health authorities

Temperature measurement at the meeting points, before the activity. Interpersonal distance Interpersonal distance is suitable for sports practice in natural environments.
Hydroalcoholic gel
Our monitors have hydroalcoholic gel for hand cleaning available to students. Small groups We give courses in small groups, and we also have the option of individual classes to ensure that the activity is carried out in the best possible conditions for the person or group.
Meeting point
In the individual activities, it will be possible to establish with the students any other meeting point than the usual one, if it is considered necessary to avoid possible concentrations of people. Use of a mask
All the accommodation we work with guarantees perfect disinfection in accordance with the standards set by the government of each community in terms of hotels

Precautions and use of ski & snow camps

Skiing/snowboarding is an excellent way of getting physical exercise during the cold winter months. It is quite easy to learn, but we must prevent injuries.
Sneuu has prepared safety tips for you to enjoy the snow in the best way..
Safe snowboarding equipment:
A snowboard, boots and bindings adjusted by a professional to suit your level.
A snowboarding helmet:
it is important to protect your head from possible knocks. The helmet must fit perfectly and the strap must be tightly closed.
Snow goggles:
depending on your visibility, you will need to wear a lighter or darker lens if you are wearing glasses (1-3). Lens 1 is for days with poor visibility and lens 3 is for days with high visibility. The design of this type of lens has been created to protect you from impacts and to be used with a helmet. It is the best way to protect yourself from the high solar radiation in the mountains.

Snow clothing:
the best way to go to the mountain is with fine technical clothing in layers. This way you add or subtract the layers depending on the day and the temperature.
1st layer: thermal clothes attached:
trousers, T-shirt and socks.
2nd layer:
softsell or primalof, either feather or synthetic is the best garment.
3rd layer:
waterproof trousers and jacket
gloves, and neck protector. Right now there are buff masks, perfect to protect you from the covid-19
Sunscreen and lip balm with an SPF of 30 or higher for snowboarding during the day, even on cloudy days.
MWristbands and butt pads, especially for beginners..
Safe slopes
Knowing which slopes are suitable for your own level of snowboarding and use only those.
There are green, blue, red and black slopes, the green ones being the easiest.
It is important to progress with a teacher to ensure safety.
Recognising the signs on the slopes is important to avoid making mistakes in the resort.
Before starting to descend it is important to look upwards to ensure that no one is coming in that direction.
We must not stop in blind spots such as a change of level.

Precautions and use of surf camps

Surfing is a very fun sport, the feeling of riding the waves, the contact with the sea make it really special..
Sneuu has prepared safety tips for you to enjoy surfing in the best way..
Safe surfing equipment:

Neoprene suit:
depending on the water temperature we will use a thinner or thicker suit. If the water is tropical what we will do is use rashguards to protect us from the sun.
there are two types: for the cold or to protect you from the reef or rocks. The latter have thicker soles and more water enters.
Cap and gloves:
these accessories are specific for cold water, with them you will be able to stay surfing longer.

depending on your level and the sea conditions, you will use one board or another. The corchopanes are educational boards. This type of board is perfect for learning to surf as it has a lot of volume and flexibility. They are also soft and avoid hitting or hurting you while you learn
Lish or invention:
this is the rope that joins your foot to the board so that you don't lose it. It is a safety system, but the board is always close so when you fall it covers your head with your hands to protect you from possible blows.
Paraffin or grips:
Paraffin wax comes in a pill form. There are different types depending on the temperature of the water. There are many ecological paraffins that do not contaminate. In relation to this subject, there are the front grips, which together with the rear create an anti-slip surface and thus avoid the use of paraffin
Cream and sunglasses:
protect yourself from the sun as much as possible. The radiation in this environment is very aggressive and we must take care of our skin. For the face we recommend you use natural high protection creams

Precautions in the water:
1 You are responsible for your board at all times, so if you can't get to the peak without releasing your board, it's best to stay in the breaker's area and train until you are ready. (Do not let go of your board, it's a danger to others)
2 It's important to be honest with yourself at our level. Always surf waves at your level. Once you decide on your wave, paddle well and hard. Surf within you ability, no big waves until ready/ take off with commitment, paddle hard)
3 LCommunication is important. If you are at your peak, tell the person next to you where you are going: Left or right. (First on the wave call communicate (right or left)
4 To get to the peak, enter wide open in the current so as not to disturb anyone. If at any time you are in the middle, always paddle towards the foam to leave the exhaust free and not hinder the surfer who is riding the wave. (Paddle wide/ Caught inside, stay in the white wave)
5Waves are not skipped or stolen. It is important to know the behaviour of preferences in the water to avoid altercations and anger.
6 Preference is held by whoever is furthest inside closest to peak (Furthest inside closest to peak)


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