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Women Ski & Snow, Baqueira

Women Ski & Snow, Baqueira

This camp is designed by women for women. The idea is to bring risk sports closer to all those who are interested in them, but can't make up their minds, and to form groups to improve and get together. Baqueira is a perfect place to carry out this event, its landscapes and the quality of its snow improve the experience.


Located in the Aran Valley in the province of Lleida, it has 167 km of skiable terrain on 112 slopes. Its highest altitude is 2,610m. Enjoy practice at the snowpark, do slalom stadium, an Audi-Ski Krono, Boardercross, fun park, Audi Driving Experience snow circuit, 7km of Nordic skiing circuit, three itineraries (5km) and a wide area of Freeride.


At Baqueira, we will be lodging with local partners, so expect to meet travellers from different corners of the world, looking for the same things as you. We have a lodge: "Baqueira Lodge" with four rooms including two single beds. Furthermore, we work with many hotels on the slopes like the Montarto and other Del Valle hotels with different prices


Cursos de snowboard y ski , España para todos los niveles
We have been teaching snowboarding and skiing for more than ten years. We have had our snowboarding and skiing school since 2016. Whether you are starting or improving, our officially qualified instructors know about teaching you and giving a little push, depending on your needs.


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Life in the mountains and snow culture

Baqueira is situated in the Aran Valley, 4 hours by car from Barcelona airport, two and a half hours from Toulouse and six and a half hours from Madrid. In the middle of the Pyrenees, far from everything but close to the sky, this small valley holds the essence of skiing and snow culture that you will feel while walking through its villages. Vielha is the most urban centre to go to the supermarket. Arties and Salardú road C-28 towards the resort, are perfect for accommodation and dinner


Valley surrounded by peaks reaching 3,000m

This unique valley in which more than 200 lakes located, such as the Tort de Riu or the Sea, which stand out for their size, numerous peaks of extraordinary beauties make this place a paradise of the mountain Freeride. Its landscapes do not look like Spain, looks like a lost valley in Canada with forests of firs, pines and beeches of dazzling beauty. The sensation of adventure begins among its villages where you can enjoy the afternoon waiting for a new day of snowboarding. There is much to explore and no shortage of beautiful hidden corners.

Weather and Seasons

North face, cold days.

The Aran Valley enjoys a north orientation, hence its quality snow. The climate is cold, especially when the days are short. The Baqueira resort is famous for the number of windless snow days, perfect for enjoying the fresh snow to the full. As it has several forests, there are no bad days to go up in the snow. However, come prepared for the cold.



Live the essence of the mountain in a lodge.

This beautifully decorated mountain lodge is located in Unha, a beautiful village at 1280 m. Enjoy a beautiful Village inside the mountain, unique views 4km from the ski station where you can relax, rest and live a great experience. The rooms have two beds and are perfect for travelling with friends.


Social and relaxed

You have a living room and kitchen in the same places. One of the best places is to be close to the two fireplaces where you can enjoy a warm afternoon in front of the fire. Here is where you will spend most of your time with us. You can relax by reading a book, listening to music or learning about the day's adventures from the other guests. The atmosphere of the lodge is in the purest alpine style, combining relaxation with morning adrenaline. Lodge Baqueira is a great place to live a different snow experience. The comfort of eating homemade food at the quality Lodge with macrobiotic touches is the perfect complement to this experience. Good vibes are on the environment, so you can explore the village of Unha or go down to Salardú to see these beautiful Pyrenean villages.


How to get here

The easiest way to get here is by car, as you will need it to move around the valley. Going up to ski, getting to know different places. You can also arrive by bus from Lérida, taxis that pick you up at the airports of Barcelona, Toulouse and Lérida that we will help you organize if you need it.

Sky & Snow Courses

Snowboard and skiing courses, Spain for all levels

We have been teaching snowboarding and skiing for more than ten years. We have had our snowboarding and skiing school since 2016. Whether you are starting or improving, our officially qualified instructors know about teaching you and giving a little push, depending on your needs.


Snowboard & Ski - Level A

Baqueira station offers different areas to make your progression. The snow offers many epic days and it is difficult to forget it. Level A is for the beginners, someone who has never snowboarded/skied or has practised a few times before. We'll start from the basics to give you a solid foundation in snow sports and equipment. Baqueira is a perfect destination for your first snow trip. Certainly will have real experience in the snow.


Snowboard & Ski - Level B

Baqueira offers 167 km of skiable terrain in 4 different areas. Perfect for this level since the main objective is to gain km under our feet. The good thing about this is that you can get to know all the sectors without leaving the blue slopes, improving your technique by enjoying the different areas. B level snow course is about taking you to the next level. We want to take you off the green slopes so that the mountain opens up at your feet. These are the moments when you start enjoying the mountain. Be careful, feelings can change your life!


Snowboard & Ski - Level C

Learning to feel the control of your skies, we want to help you feel safe with speed by controlling the turns. It's all about building confidence as a snowboarder/skier, working on your style to make you happy. Fun and learning to read the mountains better could start to off-piste.


Beginner / Medium / Advanced Snow Trip

Snow Trip

4 nights accommodation

4 breakfasts

4 lunches

4 dinners

4 days ski pass

4 days of equipment hire

Snowboard/ski course x 3 hours per day

2 sessions of Yoga

Video analysis

Theory and equipment

Walkthrough the valley and its corners




Car rental and flight tickets are not included

There are multiple options for getting to Barcelona, Lerida or Zaragoza airport with the standard airlines that operate direct flights from various European cities. Depending on where you live, booking seats with only one charter airline may also be a good option.


Visa: European citizens visa is not needed for travel to Spain. Depending on your nationality, it is always wise to look at visa regulations. Attention citizens from England

Insurance: As always when travelling, we advise that you have sufficient cover in the unlikely event of injury, medical emergency or other unforeseen circumstances. We can arrange travel insurance that includes snowboarding and skiing.


Warm clothing and après-ski boots.
Snow clothing
Sunglasses and blizzard
Après-ski jumper and jacket
Sunscreen: To reduce pollution, we recommend using high protection ecological products.
Plastic bottles: At Sneuu, we take protecting the planet very seriously. Therefore, as part of our sustainability programme, we don ́t sell any plastic bottles. Also, please bring a reusable water bottle to contribute to the goal.


Audi Drive Experience
Dog sled ride
Snowshoe ride
* (these activities are not included in the price)



We have experience in different types of events around the world. Is very important that our guests feel safe travelling with us.

Most of our camps are open safe. Each destination is under control, where we are in contact with the health authorities in each country following their guidelines.


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