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Santander knows by the Bay. Here you will find unique sunsets on the sea crowned by mountains. It's a practical easy city with an infinite number of sports, gastronomic and cultural activities.An experience in the Cantabrian Sea that you will not forget.

The Bay of Santander

Located in the centre of the community of Cantabria is this beautiful bay which includes the city of Santander to Playa de Somo and Loredo. You can take a boat and cross by boat in a practical way and reach the city centre without moving away. Santander surfer culture, elegance and unique landscapes.
The history of Cantabrian and national surfing was born between Sardinero and Somo beach. Playa de Somo is considered the first national place of surfing reserve and the second in Europe. At one hour from Bilbao, four long hours from Madrid, Santander is a very well communicated city.
PA Sneuu is 150m from the bus station, 100m from the train station, 200m from the Brittany Ferry, and 150m from the bus that takes you at the airport which is only 4km away. The boat to cross the bay is only 300m away.


Rural beaches and surfing.
You can visit different and impressive beaches, where you can meet pilgrims in the direction of Santiago while you surf. There are many mountains and unique villages: Santillana del Mar or Potes, the entrance to the Picos de Europa.

Weather and Seasons

Seasons are so different. Cantabria celebrates the passing of the seasons by letting us see their differences. Cold winter with snow in the mountains, you can take advantage of it to ski in the Alto Campo resort.
The sea shows its bravery with giant waves in spring that are sunny and rainy. The wind from the east is typical, so the jacket will always be your best companion (Always have one at hand). Summer is the hottest time of year, although the nights get a little cooler. Without a doubt, the best time is autumn, with its surfing wind and quality waves.


PA Sneuu place has 12 private rooms with shared bathrooms of different types. You can choose a private room, a double with two beds or a large bed, a triple with three beds or a double with an extra bed.
It has a common area where you can connect to the internet (free) while you have a coffee or a soft drink meeting other travellers.
Here you can find out everything you can do and even Read more activities in the area.


Surfing courses: only 25 minutes by boat from Santander you can reach Playa de Somo for a surfing course. From 25 Euros it includes surfing lessons, wetsuit and board. You only need a swimming costume, a towel and a lot of desire to live a unique experience.
CABARON: Nature park in which almost 120 species of animals from the five continents live in a semi-freedom regime. A route to be taken by car or bicycle that likes both children and adults
CAMINO DE SANTIAGO: The northern route passes in front of our accommodation. Our accommodation welcomes many pilgrims from different countries.
MONUMENTAL: El Paseo Pereda, La Playa del Sardinero, El Faro del Cabo Mayor among others are essential visits if you visit Santander
SANTILLANA DEL MAR and POTES: Close to Santander you can find these two different villages that are a must if you visit us.isitas.
YOGA: We recommend you the best Yoga teachers in the area so that you can live a unique experience relaxing overlooking the sea.




We have experience in different types of events around the world. Is very important that our guests feel safe travelling with us.

Most of our camps are open safe. Each destination is under control, where we are in contact with the health authorities in each country following their guidelines.


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