Surf Camp Panamá, Santa Catalina

Surf Camp Panamá, Santa Catalina

Panama has a special vibe. Panama is the city that unites the two Americas. The city of Panama is built with modern skyscrapers, casinos and nightclubs. However, the old district has an essence of the cultures. We go to one of the most authentic fishing villages in the Pacific, Santa Catalina.


Located on the Pacific coast of Panama is a local village that offers a lot of peace. Besides surfing it offers more activities such as fishing, a visit to the Cohiba Island natural park, yoga and a lot of gastronomic offers.


At Santa Catalina, we stay with guests of a local partner, so expect to meet travellers from different corners of the world who are looking for the same things as you. The following rooms are available: 6 Standard Rooms, 4 Triple Suites, 5 Double Suites, 1 Family Suite to organise between all of us.


We have been providing guests with high-quality surfing courses for over a decade. With our partner in Sri Lanka we know that you are in good hands, we know them well and we invite you to pursue your dream of surfing incredible waves. Start or improve your technique. Our local instructors have the knowledge and passion to help you by giving you a little push, depending on your needs in this beautiful sport.

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Local life in Panama

Santa Catalina has a lot of charm, but it is far from the capital, the way to get there is by taxi or renting a car. This Panamanian paradise is 5 hours from the capital. Perfect for relaxation and sports.


Coiba Island

It is a natural park where the Gulf of Chiriqui is located. Known for its diversity of marine life and jungle animals, such as white-faced monkeys. The dive sites of the Damas Bay reef are home to manta rays, whales and hammerhead sharks. Offshore, Granito de Oro is a small island with a beach and a beautiful white sand coral reef

Weather and Seasons

Warm days and nights

Panama's climate is tropical, the Pacific Ocean zone has temperatures ranging between 25°C and 32°C. The sea temperature along the Pacific Ocean coast and the Caribbean Sea is around 28°C. The best time for a trip to Panama is the driest (at least along the Pacific coast) between January and April.



Santa Catalina, Panama

In Santa Catalina, we have availability in the following rooms: 6 Standard Rooms, 4 Triple Suites, 5 Double Suites, 1 Family Suite to organise between all of us.


Social and relaxed

The heart of the camp is a swimming pool with a bar and wifi overlooking the peak. Here is where you will spend most of your time with us. You can relax in the sun, in the shade, swim in the pool or socialise. The camp atmosphere is the perfect balance between social and private.
The Santa Catalina Hotel is a great place to get a sense of Santa Catalina relaxing at the pool in afternoons. The vibe is great, and when you stay at the Guest House, you'll have access to bicycles so you can go exploring on your own.


How to get here

The easiest way to get here is to fly to The City of Panama International Airport. The transfer is included, so you have to arrange the flight, and we take care of the rest of things. If you want to explore and surf more than the four hours of surfing lessons included, then a rental car may also be a good idea.


Surf lessons in Santa Catalina for all levels
Our local instructors have the knowledge and passion helping you improve your technique in the water.


Surf - Level 1

We will find the softest spots and start from the basics to give you a solid foundation for surfing. Ahangama is a perfect destination for the beginner surf camp experience and if the conditions are fabulous, then let's load up the vans, let's head out to surf!


Surf - Level 2

The level 2 surf course is all about taking your surfing to the next level, we want to get you out of the white water and into the clean wave face. This is when you start to feel what surfing is all about. Watch out, this feeling can change your life!


Surf - Level 3

Learning to surf well means spending time in the water. We want to help you feel confident as an independent surfer in the level 3 course. We usually do breath-holding training in the pool, technique training with the carver, and take you to the best surfing option for the day. It's all about building confidence as a surfer.
Last but not least, we have fun. The idea of why we surf, no matter what your level is. The person with the biggest smile wins in our book. If you have your own board and want to keep on surfing after the lessons, we recommend you to rent a car..


Beginner / Intermediate / Independent

Surf camp

From 899€/week

7 nights accommodation

7 breakfasts

6 lunches and 6 dinners

Surf course 5 days x 4 hours

Transport to surf lessons

Transfer with airport transfer

3 Yoga sessions

Paradise Valley

Surf theory

Video correction




Car hire and flight tickets are not included. There are many options for travel to the Marrakech. It all depends on where you live. We take care of everything. All you have to do is open your mouth and say so.


Visa: For European is not required. A fee of $25 is payable on your arrival. Depending on nationality, it is always advisable to check visa regulations.

Insurance: As always when travelling, we advise that you have sufficient cover in the unlikely event of injury, medical emergency or other unforeseen circumstances.

What to pack

A jumper for travelling, planes and airports are cold / Passport / Beachwear / Sunglasses / Sweater and warm jacket / Beach towels. Sunscreen: To reduce pollution, we recommend using oxybenzone-free products to help preserve our favourite playground: the ocean. Plastic bottles: At Sneuu, we take protecting the planet very seriously. Therefore, as part of our sustainability programme, we do not sell any plastic bottles and try to limit the use of plastic. In doing so, please bring a reusable water bottle to contribute to the goal.


Visit the island of Coiba
Immersed in nature trails
Walk to see the sunsets
Visit different beaches
* (these activities are not included in the price)



We have experience in different types of events around the world. Is very important that our guests feel safe travelling with us.

Most of our camps are open safe. Each destination is under control, where we are in contact with the health authorities in each country following their guidelines.

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