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Surf Camp Bali, Limasan

Surf Camp Bali, Limasan

Bali is a special place to surf in Indonesia. The perfect long left surfing island and the dream home by surfers since history. You will find rice fields, dark and white sand beaches, volcanoes... in addition, you will find a friendly culture with an eternal smile. This trip is always special, no matter how many times you have been there


The island of Bali, one of Indonesia's most famous islands, has its own airport. You can reach it from many destinations. This beautiful island is a temple for surfers. It's a great and easy destination if you haven't started yet


In Indonesia, Bali we headed to the Canngoo area, where we stayed in a dream lodge. Minimalist architecture, luxurious beds and perfect comfort to disconnect and enjoy the island to the full


We have been offering our guests high-quality surfing courses for over a decade. With our partner in Bali, we know you are in good hands, we know you well and we invite you to pursue your dream of surfing incredible waves. Start or improve your technique. Our local instructors have the knowledge and passion to help you by giving you a little push, depending on your needs in this beautiful sport


Make 2021 count! Did it not turn out as planned? Then take this opportunity to think about what you want, make sure you make 2021 count! We want to help you turn your ideas into reality, which is why we are giving you a 5% discount on all new bookings for 2021 made before the end of January when you use the discount code "enjoysurfing2021". As we believe in freedom, you can re-book or cancel your trip for free up to 7 days before your arrival.



Good vibes, surfing, massage and spa.

Our accommodation is in the Cangoo area. A high-quality villa for you to enjoy the island in the best way. We are also provided with a motorbike and a helmet so that we have independence and can easily move to all corners of the island. This is the best way to see everything that the island of the gods has to offer


Perfect beaches and dreamlike sunsets

Bali offers many good spots for surfing, but also for shopping, watching sunsets and enjoying the good atmosphere by meeting many people. There are all kinds of excursions like visiting a volcano or visiting Balinese temples.

Weather and Seasons

Warm days but always carry a jacket.

Rain season starts in November until March. The season of perfect waves. However, we have giant waves in spring and summer. We like to enjoy Bali from September to November, finding and surfing waves in a secret sport inside the island. The temperature is perfect, although the water is sometimes cooler than you would imagine because of the currents coming from Australia.



Spacious and modern.

We have different types of rooms, "double King Size" luxury rooms, double rooms or bedrooms with "luxury bedding" and high-quality furniture that ensure a good night's sleep refreshed by the natural breeze or air conditioning on the most tropical nights. Each room has a luxurious bathroom, rain shower large enough for two, and there is no reason to settle for less if you ask!


Social and relaxed

At the heart of the accommodation is a perfect garden for sunbathing and relaxing. You will also find a swimming pool across from the open dining room where the lounge and indoor kitchen are located. There are various types of boards to choose from every day depending on the conditions. The motorbike and helmet are also included so you can move around freely. Believe it or not, there is a lot of value in finding the vehicle to move around and not lose time in paperwork.


How to get here

The easiest way to get here is to fly to Dempasar International Airport (DEN) where we will pick you up. The transfer is included in the package, so all you have to do is arrange the flight, we will arrange the rest. However, if you need anything or information about flights, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to help you.


Surf courses in Indonesia, Bali for all levels.

We have more than a decade of experience on the island. Hundreds of Sneuu Surfers have passed through our Camp, where they have ended up falling in love with the island, living with the Balinese culture and meeting new people as well as learning or improving their surfing.


Surf - Level 1

We will find the softest spots and start from the basics to give you a solid base for surfing. Bali is a perfect destination for the focused beginner/intermediate and independent surf camp experience. Conditions will dictate where we go, let's load up the trucks, heading out to surf!


Surf - Level 2

The level 2 surfing course is about taking your surfing to the next level, we want to get you out of the white water and into the clean wave face. This is when you start to feel what surfing is all about. Be careful, this feeling can change your life!


Surf - Level 3

Learning to surf well means spending time in the water. We want to help you feel safe as an independent surfer in the level 3 course. We usually do breath-holding training in the pool, technique training with the carver, and take you to the best option for surfing for the day.
It's all about building confidence as a surfer. Last but not least, we have fun. The idea of why we surf, no matter what your level is. The person with the biggest smile wins in our book. If you have your own board and want to keep on surfing after the lessons, we recommend you to rent a car.


Beginner / Surf Camp

Surf Trip

From 699€/week

Surf course with transport, equipment, drinking water, sunscreen and snacks.

Accommodation and transfers from the airport and your hotel


Dinners (with visits to restaurants, barbecues, taco nights, etc.)

Fruit, water and snacks in the transfer car

Welcome drink

One massage per week

Scooter with a "surfboard holder

Mobile phone for local calls

All the surfing equipment and Surfing guide

Free table rental and Wifi (fast as lightning)

Fixed day guarantee" when we go on a trip or do something fun, in case the weather doesn't allow us to surf


Medium / Surf Camp

Surf Trip

From 499€/week

Accommodation in double room / shared room in the lodge


Dinners (with visits to restaurants, barbecues, taco nights, etc.).)

Transfers from the airport and your hotel

Fruit, water and snacks in the transfer car

Welcome drink

Scooter with a "surfboard holder

Mobile phone for local calls

All the surfing equipment and Surfing guide

Free table rental and Wifi (fast as lightning)

Fixed day guarantee" when we go on a trip or do something fun, in case the weather doesn't allow us to surf



It is NOT included:

Car rental and flight tickets are not included. There are multiple options for getting to the airport in Dempasar, with standard airlines operating direct flights from various European cities. Depending on where you live, booking seats with only one charter airline may also be a good option. If you have any questions, you can contact us and in our experience, we can advise you.


Visa: you have 30 days of free visa. Depending on your nationality, it is always wise to look at visa regulations.

Insurance: As always when travelling, we advise that you have sufficient cover in the unlikely event of injury, medical emergency or other unforeseen circumstances.


An afternoon jumper / Passport / Beachwear / Sunglasses / Sweater and warm jacket / Beach towels.
Sunscreen: To reduce pollution, we recommend using oxybenzone-free products to help preserve our favourite playground: the ocean.
Plastic bottles: At Sneuu, we take protecting the planet very seriously. Therefore, as part of our sustainability programme, we do not sell any plastic bottles and try to limit the use of plastic. In doing so, please bring a reusable water bottle to contribute to the goal.


Drink a coconut while watching the sunset
Visit Bukit
See Balinese dance at Uluwatu temple
Visit Tanalot temple
Visit Ubud rice fields
* (these activities are not included in the price)



We have experience in different types of events around the world. Is very important that our guests feel safe travelling with us.

Most of our camps are open safe. Each destination is under control, where we are in contact with the health authorities in each country following their guidelines.


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